Baldr, the shining one, most beautiful of the gods


Domains: (Death), Light, War

Baldr is the most beautiful of the Aesir, beloved of all creatures – with a few notable exceptions including Loki and the frost-jotun Thokk.


Baldr is the favored son of Odin and Frigg, favored perhaps more than even Thor who is more popular among mortals. Or, at least, he was.

His mother, Frigg, made all the world swear an oath not to hurt her beloved son, but mistletoe was too young to swear an oath, and was thought harmless. Loki crafted a dart from mistletoe and gave it to Baldr’s blind brother Hodr to throw, as among the Aesir throwing things at Baldr had become something of a passtime. They would watch lethal things bounce off of him harmlessly. But when the mistletoe dark struck home, Baldr was killed, just as the dream he and his mother shared had prophesied.

In punishment, Loki was imprisoned beneath Yggdrasil where venom continuously drips from the jaws of his son Nidoggr, burning him. His faithful wife Sigyn holds a bowl over him to catch the burning poison, but when she has to empty it the poison lands on Loki, and his thrashings can cause earthquakes in Midgard.


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