Fathir of Vastervik

Thane of Vastervik under the Jarl of Visby


Average height, red-gold hair and a haughty look. Fathir is a bit past his prime, but had a reputation as a raider and warrior in his younger days, before he rose to become Thane. He always places the interests of Vastervik above others, and the interests of his family above others as well, as one would expect.

The Thane’s champion is the cruel Hallvig. His wife, Guthrid, rules in his place when he is away.


The Thane has long sought a way to undercut the local non-humans in order to enrich the town of Vastervik and the surrounding regions. When his father died and his mother withdrew to their family home with Fathir’s younger brother, the new Thane expelled all non-volk from Vastervik – with the exception of Roskilde, a dvergar who is his shipbuilder. He allows some trade and contact with Uallas and Sibbe, largely because he benefits from the contact.

There is great tension between the Thane and Illmeni, but the two have not come into open conflict. Illmeni is often not even present at Assemblies, though there are always a few men loyal to him there, watching.

Fathir of Vastervik

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