A carpenter and retired military engineer, deceased


Flugen has a scar that runs through his beard, and lost some teeth on one side of his face in a long-ago war. He is a retired military engineer, and was able to build two large catapults, one of which worked properly.

Large catapult 200’/800’, cannot target anything closer than 60’; +5 attack 6d10 (33) damage (1d10 more than a normal catapult due to size)

Rolf Thornson was able to magically locate the single best catapult stone for 1000’ in every direction – a heavy granite with some iron ore running through it. This stone will do an addition 1d10, for a total of 7d10 (38) on a hit.


Flugen died in battle against frost giants in a battle that claimed the life of the frost giant king Hrym Thrymson, and as a result he has been welcomed into the halls of Valhalla. (Actually, Odin probably took him and a few others in personally)


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