Freyr and Freyja

Vanir god and goddess, twin rulers of the alfar


Freyr (Life, Light) is the king of the Vanir and the Ljosalfar, or light-elves. Their realm, Alfarheim, lies at the border of Vanaheim, the realm of the eldest gods and elemental beings. Freyr and Freyja, his sister, ruled Vanaheing long before the Aesir came and made war with them. After the Aesir-Vanir War, Freyr and Freyja were taken as hostages to Valhalla. Since, they have joined with the Aesir. Freyr is the king of beauty, virility, and light.

Freyja (Death, Life) is the queen of the Vanir and the Ljosalfar. She is beautiful, even for a goddess, and her desire for beautiful things has led to more than one great conflict. She and Frigg are both goddesses of fertility, Freyja more popular among young women and Frigg among matrons and matriarchs. Freyja is also a goddess of women’s magic and of death, and she has her own realm, Folkvangr, to which the dead go who do not quite merit Valhalla but are too virtuous for Hel.


Freyr is also highly popular in Sweden, and is seen as the founder of the royal line of Swedish kings. He is said to be served by a mechanical boar, Gullinbursti, made for him by dvergar long ago.

Freyja is one of the most popular deities in southern Sweden, and has been worshipped there especially since long before anyone can remember. Long before Valhalla was built, long before even Tyr came, it could be that Freyja was goddess of the heroic dead. She is universally revered by huldufolk and alfar.

Freyr and Freyja

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