Widely considered a vargr, Illmeni lives on the fringes of society near Vastervik


Illmeni is a small, quick man who used to be a great help during the summer raids. Due to some kind of misstep or falling out, however, he has not been invited raiding in a few years, and has turned to some questionable endeavors to support himself.

He is useful to help identify odd objects taken in raids and to guess at their value. He also knows where to find things in the region, and is a source of exotic goods.

He has set up a shrine to the gods on his lands, and people travel there to make sacrifices and for advice when they don’t want to go to Fathir’s shrine in Vastervik.

Because of a curious interaction he had with Vidar, Illmeni believes that the huldufolk wizard has swindled him, using an old woman who owed him a large sum of silver as a pawn.

Illmeni has been working as a speaker in Vastervik and elsewhere. While some mistrust his power, he is purportedly able to speak with the dead and to help people speak with skraelings and other creatures, which is always helpful for any Jarl.


Illmeni is an effective, charismatic leader, but he has never fit in with the important folk of Vastervik. He now lives on the outskirts, inland, with a group of his own followers. They are not openly in defiance of the Thane, but they are hardly friends.

Illmeni is also much more comfortable with non-volk, and counts some of them as his allies. His camp is never raided by trols, and they trade information with him.

Over the spring, Illmeni’s status has slowly risen. He has been receiving more visitors, and has begun to travel further afield, including to Visby.


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