Loki is a shapechanger, a trickster, a fire, a god, a giant, a troublemaker. He loves to be at the center of the story, and is always bringing trouble for those around him.

Domains: Trickery


With his mate the jotun Angrboda, Loki is father if more than one monster: Fenrir, Hel and Jormugand – for all of Loki’s fame, little is known about him for sure. He is said to be a son of Odin, with Thor and Baldr, but other tales tell that he is not a god at all, but a giant. Loki and Thor have had adventures together in stories, and at the same time are bitter foes.

Not so long ago, the sages say, Loki was the one who killed Baldr, whether by his own hand or perhaps through Hodr as a catspaw. Regardless, Frigg’s rage and grief could not be quenched, and as a result, the Aesir bound Loki deep in Helheim beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, such that the great worm Nidhogg drips caustic venom onto him regularly. When it strikes, the pain is so great that it causes earthquakes in Midgard. Loki’s one faithful wife holds a bowl to catch the venom, but when she has to empty it, the earthquakes come again.

It is said that Loki, father of monsters, will be bound here until the end. Still, there are some who honor him, who say that his power remains in the world even if he does not.

Loki is in fact bound in his own son’s entrails.


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