The Allfather, lord of the Aesir, rune-master, riddler


Domains: Knowledge, Trickery, War

AKA Svafnir Stormer


Odin is a mystery deity, king of the gods of Asgard, master of runes and riddles. He is the god of mead, poetry, magic and heroes who die in battle, as well as warfare itself and trickery. Odin is an enigmatic god, even for those who worship him, nominally head of the gods, but often less popular than Thor or Freyr or Freyja. He is said to often wander the world in human form, and stories do not agree whether his arrival is a great or terrible thing – it is likely both.

Of all the gods, Odin has by far the most adventurous. He tricks giants, plucks out his own eye, hangs himself from the World Tree, seeks out the Mead of Poetry, and is said to be father of more than his share of heroes.


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