Sibbe Halvras

A wealthy helmingalfar who still stands outside of society and trades in alfar goods


Dressed in worn, soft leather clothing that is nonetheless well made, Sibbe is slightly shorter than the average woman among the volk and has the somewhat alien look of a helmingalfar. She is quick, sly, and has more than one magical trick she can call upon in a pinch. Most volk fear whatever magic she has picked up on her travels too much to bother her.


Sibbe “Half-breed” is a trader and go-between, serving Vastervik and enabling trade with an alfar settlement to the west. She is helmingalfar, half-elven, a fact which she sometimes obscures and at other times flaunts.

Sibbe is Fathir’s foil in many ways. She is an outsider, and also unpredictable. She is reluctant to offer too much courtesy, and in addition seems to be able to get her hands on all manner of items. Due to their regular clashes, she remains for the most part on her own homestead outside of town on a rocky, barely-arable spit of land. Her income comes in trade – she is not the sort of person to sow. If anything, she is half-feral.

Sibbe and Illmeni could easily be bitter rivals, but they seem to have come to some kind of arrangement, and are, if not outright allies, certainly known to one another.

Sibbe Halvras

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