Sindri, or "Spark", dvergar smith and keeper of a hall of refuge


Sindri is an old, possibly timeless dvergar smith who has crafted weapons and treasures for the gods themselves, including Odin’s arm-ring Draupnir.

Sindri’s hall, also known as Nidhavellir or even Sparkhall, is replete with magical objects of every description, as well as innumerable masterworks.


It may be that Sindri also forged Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, as well as a mechanical boar to pull Freyr’s chariot through Asgard, and many other wonders. His home, Sindrisall or Sparkhall, is said to be built above the realm of Nidhoggr, devourer of corpses, which also means it is not far from Helheim itself. It is also known as Nithavellir, meaning a hidden land.


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