Svafnir Stormer

Thane Fathir's wandering skald


Svafnir is tall, handsome, popular with the ladies of Vastervik and with its Thane. He is called by some “Stormer”, because he is said to be able to sing down rain or drive it away. Like the weather, he is unreliable, and will periodically go wandering.


Svafnir was a skald traveling the region before Fathir became Thane. After Fathir rose to his position, Vithar presented himself and joined the Thane’s household. This seems to have been nothing but a good choice – Svafnir is canny and clever. When you lie, he knows it. When he threatens, people tremble. When he jests, laughter.

As far as Disa can tell, he is intimate with Guthrid the Open-handed.

He has also been composing a song about the exploits of “Gamall and the Jotun-Blooded Three”

Svafnir Stormer

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