Twilight of the Gods

The Journal of Vidar
Sessions 1 and 2

Entry 37… I think..

Lost my old Journal to a fire and started a new one… I was up to entry 37 if I do recall. Tis a shame liked the look of the old cover better than this one. Any way received a summons from Uallas today to help some Volk village. Not really looking forward to it but he did get the four eights to my three Queens and thus I owe him a favor. Perhaps I could use this spiffy new toy I recently acquired from that greedy Volk brat. I was quite surprised that he had offered such a powerful magic item for the formula to convert wood into silver… of course without the magical aptitude to enhance the correct ingredients he will most likely end up with some wet mush. I wish I could see the look on his face when he continually fails to perform the conversion correctly, serves him right tho… his people live in garbage while he drinks from golden chalices and the like. I will never understand why other species feel it is necessary for only a hand few of their kind to live in riches while the rest scrap by. Spread the wealth and everyone can be happy. These larger folk could learn a thing or two from us Huldufolk.

Entry 38

Made my way to Vastervik, lucked out and found a magic scroll among some of the junk I had picked up earlier. I must learn to be more careful before throwing things away. I’ll have to transcribe it into my spell book when I have the money. Getting tired of walking so I decided to purchase a friendly dog whom I named Henry. He is a pleasant fellow who doesn’t mind carrying me around. He tells me the Volk have trained him to do such a thing but it is still nice. Also meet my compatriots that Uallas wanted me to meet with. Surprisingly most of us are hidden folk from the surrounding area. First there is Gamel, a strong looking dwarf wearing nothing but a loin cloth and a few skins. I would imagine he would be cold but he looked the cold didn’t bother him at all. Looking at his feet it appeared that perhaps his boots had something to do with that. Not much for conversation but he seemed alright to me. Then came Disa an elf from the wilderness, the cold also wasn’t bothering him but I would imagine that that magic ring he was carrying had something to do with that. He seemed pleasant enough but there was definitely a little bit of tension between him and Gamel at first. Finally Lefa arrived carrying a elegant looking staff and a large sack of stuff. I haven’t seen her in ages, infact I think the last time I saw her was when I left Fallegdal to travel the country side. After catching up she asked if I could disguise a fancy suit of armor she found. I feel like I did a fantastic job. Although she didn’t like the dog crap I shoved into the shoulder and mid areas of the suit. Funny that the rough and tough out lander isn’t use to the smell of poo yet. After meeting my compatriots we went and meet the Volk lord Fathir. Fathir asked his fellows for assistance with some raids on his farmland. And somehow the non-Volk group got picked… kinda commical in a way. After questioning some of the townsfolk using various approaches, Disa managed to get a little bit of usable information and we headed off.

Entry 39

After a few days of of travel we found one of the pillaged farmsteads, there wasn’t much left of it. It looks like most of the food, clothes and coin had been looted. Lefa found a set of tracks which we decided to follow. After a few yards we found a Troll encampment which we tried to ambush. Unfortunately stealth doesn’t seem to be the strength of our dwarven friend. Never the less we were vicotoriuous. After searching the camp I had a wonderful conversation with some sheep. They decided to take my offer of protection until I find them a good home that trust of course was threatened when Lefa decided to cook one for dinner wish she would have asked before luring Fred off into the woods. We also found some silver arm bands the trolls were wearing I was able to determine that they belong to a local group of trolls that reside towards the west.

Entry 39 1/2

I was having a wonderful nights sleep surrounded by my sheep friends when I was rudely awakened by a white wolf savaging the mule we found at the troll encampment. Unfortunately it scarred most of my sheep away and we tried to slay the beast before it could hunt again however it managed to escape. Disa and Gamel gave chase while I rounded up as many sheep I could luckly I was able to find most of them including Rakel who is extra fluffy.

Entry 40

We were traveling due west and I was having a glorious time with my new found sheep friends when suddenly Lefa indicated to me that we were surrounded by trolls. Disa decided to talk to their leader, I was eager to see his leadership prowess, if it were me I would have brought up how we were hunting a white wolf whom had slain some trolls and raided a farmstead… instead Disa decided to sell the troll chieftain weapons belonging to his former troll warriors. Luckly the trolls didn’t attack right away and after a short break in dialogue we started talking again it was at this point that Disa decided to lie about us having the armbands… it was also at this point that me and Lefa decided that diplomacy wasn’t Disa’s bag. Balki however was fairly level headed about the whole thing and we decided to have peace talks instead of a blood feud. I had a wonderful idea of generating some of the armbands and swapping them out with the ones we found. Silver is still silver and what does it mater if they bury some wooden looking props in the ground. Lefa and Gamel decided to share some of our food with the trolls as a sign of good willl. I could tell Gamel was apprehensive of the whole thing but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Disa didn’t like it either and felt we should have sold them the hunk of meat, I would normally agree however after the rough patch we started in, that may not be the best idea. I set up for the night with my sheep and had a fantastic rest.

Entry 41

After seeing the state in which the trolls are in, I decided not to swap the armbands. You can see the hunger in the trolls eyes and I feel bad for them. I decided to sell them my sheep friends, hopefully they are wise and take care of them; Let them breed so they will net more food in the future, instead of butchering them right away. I kept Rakel however because well Rakel is extra fluffy. Its funny I hardly see a difference, other than outward appearance of course, between the Volk and the Trolls. They are very similar in a lot of regards. We met with Balki and he has informed us of something dreadful. Apparently the Jotun have returned and that is why the trolls have started to raid the countryside. After a bit of discussion we have decided to attempt to form an alliance between the trolls and Volk to fight the Jotun. But in order to do this we need proof of the Jotun… so we gotta catch and kill one. Ironically unlike the Volk the Trolls have decided to actually help us with this task. I did a bit of reading of some of the texts the trolls had available and decided to get a good nights rest. I’m going to need it.

Entry 42

We found a great place to ambush the giant, and Balki and his company agreed and set out to lure a minor Jotun to our trap. The plan went off swimmingly and there were no casualties at all. Although I failed to utilize my enlarge spell on Balki like I promised him earlier but he didn’t seem to care. After the fight we found a bit of treasure. I had almost forgotten about that scroll I had found earlier perhaps I can convince Lefa, Gamel and Disa to give me some coin so I may add it to my spell book at some point. After a burial via river of the remaining gore we returned to the Troll hall and had a great feast in celebration of our victory. I did a bit of reflection of my recent fight and thought of a way to improve my firebolt spell into multiple rays of heat instead of a single bolt. The spell will require more effort of course and I would be limited in its use but it would be useful for these more hectic combat situations. I also saw Lefa take a boulder to the face and frankly if it had been me I would be dead. I managed to develop a variant of my minor illusion spell to create multiple images of my self, again it requires much more effort but seems necessary. I also had more time to study those texts and have learned how to speak troll, Jotun and Draconic from them. Additionally I have mastered a special cipher that I can now write in. I’ll have to make a copy of my spell book in this cipher as soon as I have the funds to do so. It also seems my allies have developed as well. Balki has given us a larger cart and some oxen to help us deliver the head to Fanthir. Looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he sees this.


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