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A brutal winter has passed, and spring has finally come. Famine and storms have left many outlying communities desperate, and bandits threaten every trail. Pirates and raiders roam the seas, mere days from starvation themselves. Though the sun has returned, hearts and counsels darken. Something terrible is in the air, a wind of foreboding, and of doom.

The Mythic North

The World Tree Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds
Honor Culture
An example of Norse poetry and wisdom: The Havamal
The Non-Volk peoples: alfar, dvergar, huldufolk and trols, among others.

Character Creation

Character Creation overview
Campaign Backgrounds

House Rules and Play

Specific House Rules
Holmgang duels
Status Awards
Arcane and Divine Magic
Alchemy and other exotic items
The whole Players’ Guide in one place
Glorious Death in battle

The Player-Characters’ World

NPCs of Vastervik

Vastervik is a large town of around 1,000 people nestled in the arms of a fjord on the coast of Sweden. It is a deep-water harbor flanked by high hills, and is located near rich, fertile farmland, forests of huge trees, and iron deposits.

Vastervik is a colony of Gotland to the east, and the main (and only) town on the Gottish isle is Visby. Continuing east past Gotland, one at length comes to the lands of the Rus, alternately settled, raided, and traded with by the Norse.

West over the mountains, or down south and then west by sea, is Norway, ruled by one King Olaf. Before one reaches Norway by sea, they will have to pass through straits controlled by Denmark, ruled by one Harald. South of Denmark are the lands of Germania.

Grava Delving is the nearest dvergar delving to Vastervik, and the only one known in the region. Like all delvings, it’s entrances are all cunningly hidden and kept secret from non-dvergar. Nithi is chieftain of the delving and of the region’s dvergar.

Helmigavek is the light-filled, towering grove of oak trees, surrounded by the more common pine forests, where Daegmarethna rules the alfar as chieftain.

The hidden community of the huldufolk, which they call Fallegdal, is not far from Vastervik, but no one has successfully found it in recent years. It is kept hidden by their current chieftain, Uallas.

The Known World

The Great Temple at Uppsala in Sweden
The settlers of Iceland, many fleeing Norway and Denmark
Thingvellir, where the Icelandic Althing meets each year
The capital city of Norway, Harald Fairhair’s Trondheim
The town of Vastervik on the coast of Sweden, and Sigtuna, a small city farther north along the coast
The city of Visby, capital of the Kingdom of Gotland
The Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Denmark, ruled by a single king
Far to the north, the Sami people and the people of Lappland
The petty Kings of the Anglo-Saxons
Dyflin, a Norse settlement in Ireland
The Rus and the Baltic peoples
The Varangians and the great southern city of Miklagard
The followers of the White Christ and their fallen Carolingian Empire
The Franks and the land of Normandy ruled by a Norse Duke
The Magyars, halted in their westward invasion by the Holy Roman Emperor

The Hidden World of the Gods

Valhalla, Gladsheim and Vingolf, and the Well of Urd in Asgard
The Bifrost bridge
The hall of Andlong in Alfarheim
Midgard encircled by the sea, in which sleeps Jormungand
Jotunheim far to the east, the realm of giants
The dwelling-place of Sindri’s kin, Nithavellir, at the edge of Svartalfheim underground
Helheim underneath far-northern Niflheim, realm of the dead and dwelling-place of Nidhogg
Muspelheim in the far south, the realm of fire ruled by fire giants

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