Alfar: descended from the ljosalfar who live in the sky-realm of Alfarheim. The high elves still long to return to their ancient home, while the wild elves have accepted a life of exile as a wandering and diminishing people.

Dvergar: the greatest crafters who excell regardless of the craft – for the Aesir, they created many things, including Mjolnir and the Mead of Poetry. Male dvergar are often the ones who have the most interaction with the outside world. Female dvergar are almost never seen, as they are the deep-delvers and guardians of their underground realms. Dvergar have their own chieftains, but all of them honor and respect Sindri and dream of making a pilgrimage to his famed hall.

Huldufolk: or the “hidden people” live in cleverly disguised hills, farming and hunting and gathering. Of the non-volk they have the most trade and other interactions with the outside world. Huldufolk tend not to be very status-conscious, and their chieftains are chosen essentially at random.

Trols: fierce, often nomadic bands of trols have historically fought and resisted the expansion of the volk, though with limited success overall. Each sees the other as cowardly and treacherous. Trols are physically various, and they take the place of orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears and the like in the setting.


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