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Wyrd is the word for Fate. Every time you level you receive another point of Wyrd, and other ways to gain Wyrd are listed below. You can use these points to represent the forces of Fate supporting your character’s actions. Wyrd essentially replaces inspiration in the system, and can also be stored, unlike inspiration.

Wyrd in Twilight of the Gods is an expansion of the inspiration rules from the core rulebooks.

How you get Wyrd

Character Story: If you tie your character’s story into the game somehow, creating NPCs or creating conflicts or generally making the world and game more interesting, you may get a point of Wyrd.

Plot Arcs: When the group completes a plot arc, they each receive a Wyrd point in addition to whatever other xp they may get. In Twilight of the Gods, these plot arcs will often mark the steps on the escalation of the end of the world.

Faith: Honoring the gods can mean you receive their favor in the form of a point of Wyrd. Sacrifices, feasts and pilgrimmages are all examples.

Courage: No one knows what the Norns have woven for them, but the gods honor courage. If your character stands out for his or her courage, you may get a point of Wyrd – if you survive.

Winter: Creative use of the winter phase in the game may be worth a point of Wyrd.

Out of Character: Doing cool things out of character can earn you a point of wyrd. Bringing snacks or drinks, hosting the game, providing a ride for someone and so on can all count. These awards will probably be by way of group acclaim.

Upkeep: Updating your character on the wiki will garner you bonus xp. Going above and beyond the call of duty might get you a point of Wyrd – things like writing in-character fiction that you share, or updating the Adventure Log after a session, etc.

When you use Wyrd

Act out of Turn: you can spend a point of Wyrd to act out of turn as if you had a held action – even in the case of an ambush. You can only make a move or standard action.

Chance Meetings: You can spend a point of Wyrd and say that an NPC is present and available, or come up with an NPC on the fly who would be helpful – within reason of course.

Bonus: If you spend a point of Wyrd before a roll, you get a +8 luck bonus the roll.

Extra Action: On your turn, you can spend a point of Wyrd to take an extra move or standard action. You cannot use a point of Wyrd to both act out of turn and take an extra action.

Inspiration: If you’re stuck, you can spend a Wyrd to get ideas from the GM out of character.

Of Course I Did That: If you forgot something important, and want to go back retroactively and say you did it, you can spend a Wyrd to do so – unless the story has moved on such that you can’t make that one change without making a lot of other changes.

Recall: You can spend a point of Wyrd to recall, and recast, a spell you had previously cast. Higher-level spells may require more points of Wyrd (1-3 1pt 4-6 2pts 7-9 3pts).

Reroll: Just like using inspiration – Wyrd is in addition to inspiration.

Other: You can petition for pretty much anything. If it is awesome and makes sense, it will probably happen.


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