Former valkyrie and victim of myth


Brynhild was a mighty warrior, second only to Sigurd Sigmundson himself. She is still marked by the scars of fire, and always will be.


Brynhild’s story is a long one, with fratricide and even the enmity of Odin for a time. Originating in the eastern lands of the Huns, she was promised to Sigurd Sigmundson, hidden in a tower guarded by lightening, and ultimately died an epic death in a fire. Now she rides through Helheim’s halls astride the chariot in which she burned.

As Naglfar has rise and entered the world of the living, Brynhild is serving as Hel’s bodyguard. Sigurd is nowhere to be seen, but she remains upon her charred chariot, wielding magical javelins and spear.


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