Eilif Lundr

Eilif is an alfar priest of Freyr and Freyja serving in a grove on Gotland


Eiliff has been the guardian of a sacred grove on the island of Gotland for a very long time. The grove has always been a center of healing for those seeking succor from Freyr and Freyja, and every Jarl of Gotland must be blessed in that grove – and every one was, until Rasmus took over for his own father. For the last generation, there has been a growing distance between the sacred grove and Visby.

Rannow is the guardian of this particular grove, and neither she nor Eiliff tend to leave.


The grove supports a small community of alfar who life off the land and the offerings that people bring to exchange for blessings, weddings, child-namings and the like.

Since the draugr have begun to rise, Eilif has become one of the primary defenders of Visby. Wooden statues of Freyr and Freyja have been erected and consecrated in the town in the hope that holy ground will dissuade or at least weaken the vengeful dead.

As Fimbulwinter grinds on, Eiliff will be able to summon enough food to support 75 people in and near the grove, and will be able to cast 7 purify food and water instances per day to cure spoiled food and provide fresh water.

Eilif Lundr

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